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Congratulations to LOB's very own Jordon Adell !!!


MLB Draft 2017 | Ballard's Jordon Adell drafted No. 10 by Angels
Power-hitting OF is also a U of L signee


LOBs very own Jordon Adell


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Lou Ott Baseball trains and conditions aspiring All-Stars ages 7 and up to achieve athletic merit in the sport of baseball. Through private instruction and group training, LOB combines physical and mental aspects of the sport to initiate players major league aspirations.    

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 Personal Lessons





LOB helps develop ballplayers to build character and support personal growth.

Many of these attributes will serve well in both baseball and in everyday life:

Drive Balance
Rhythm Direction
Focus Dexterity
Self-Esteem Confidence
Social Skills Decorum
Self-Discipline Timing
Hand-Eye Coordination Setting and Achieving Goals


Enhance performance levels and master essential skills such as:

Hitting Catching
Bunting Teamwork
Throwing Fielding
Pitching Base Running
Warm ups Sportsmanship

Baseball Camp Christmas1 2013   Baseball Camp Christmas 2013





After playing baseball for all my life, I have made the decision to retire from playing the game I love. Now my focus is to help and teach the ballplayers of today/tomorrow.

I'm not walking away from being a baseball player, I'm just branching out and sharing my love of the game from a different coaching perspective.

To all of my baseball students out there...you guys now have me 24/7