Lou Ott Baseball Private Baseball Lessons

Facility Pricing


Team Facility Rental:
     30 mins: $35
     60 mins: $65
     90 mins: $90

Price includes:

- Two cages and space to practice hitting, pitching, and field ground balls.

- Stretching and training area.

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For Team Training with Lou Ott:

• 60 mins: $10 per player per hour (minimum of 8 players).
• 90 mins: $15 per player (minimum of 8 players).


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Walk-ins are always welcome!!
               (subject to Cage availability, so please call or text first).

Call: (502)718-8888 or
Text: (707)971-9444

• 30 mins: $20 for 1 cage
• 60 mins: $40 for 1 cage

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