Lou Ott Baseball Private Baseball Lessons

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Offered for:

- Hitting Instruction: Teaching basic fundamentals with tailored instruction toward, mental, and strategic approaches to successful hitting

- Throwing Instruction

- Catching/Defense Instruction


LOB helps develop ballplayers to build character and support personal growth. Many of these attributes will serve well in both baseball and in everyday life:

- Drive
- Balance
- Rhythm
- Direction
- Focus
- Dexterity
- Self-Esteem
- Confidence
- Social Skills
- Decorum
- Self-Discipline
- Timing
- Hand-Eye Coordination
- Setting and Achieving Goals


Enhance performance levels and master essential skills such as:

- Hitting
- Catching
- Bunting
- Teamwork
- Throwing
- Fielding
- Pitching
- Base Running
- Warm ups
- Sportsmanship

LOB offers a variety of Training Options for each player, come out and...




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